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Cute mushroom drawing

26 Cute Mushroom Drawings

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Mushroom Doodle Pin

Cute Mushroom Drawings

If you’re looking for a delightful and imaginative drawing activity that will captivate your kids’ attention, or if you’d like to up-level your bullet journals, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving into the magical world of 26 cute mushroom drawings!

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How to Draw Cute Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Nature's Tiny Wonders

Have you ever noticed how kids are naturally drawn to mushrooms? It’s like Mother Nature sprinkled a dash of enchantment on these little fungi. My own kids can spend hours exploring the forest floor, their eyes wide with wonder as they discover mushrooms in all shapes and sizes. 

Mushrooms have an inherent mystique that piques the curiosity of children. From the way they pop up overnight to their unique shapes and colors, mushrooms seem like something straight out of a fairy tale. My kids love to imagine tiny creatures living under the mushroom caps 🙂

One of the most fantastic aspects of mushrooms is the incredible variety they come in. From classic toadstools with red caps to vibrant and quirky shapes, the world of mushrooms is a kaleidoscope of colors and forms. 

Below, I’ve tried to show you a variety of cute mushroom drawings, so you can choose the ones that you love and add your own unique twist.

blue mushrooms drawn in a journal

Ways to Level-up Your Cute Mushroom Drawings

Drawing mushrooms is a super laid-back process. Each mushroom that I drew was created using very basic shapes. I also created my mushrooms with cute faces but you can change the facial expressions or draw them without faces. You don’t need to worry about perfection; just doodle away, add some dots, stripes, or maybe even a sprinkle of glitter if you’re feeling fancy. 

After you draw your mushrooms, you can add a few fun details that will help them stand out! Here are 8 fun ideas:

  1. Mushroom House: Turn one of your mushrooms into a tiny house by drawing a door, windows, and a chimney.
  2. Rainbow Mushroom: Create a mushroom with a colorful gradient cap.
  3. Starlight Mushroom: Draw tiny stars on the cap, transforming a mushroom into a celestial delight.
  4. Watermelon Mushroom: Add a watermelon pattern to the cap of one of your mushrooms– green with pink stripes. A refreshing and cute design.
  5. Fairy Tale Mushroom: Draw a mushroom fit for a fairy tale with intricate patterns and details.
  6. Halloween Mushroom: Create a spooky mushroom with a black and orange color scheme. Perfect for Halloween!
  7. Underwater Mushroom: Imagine a mushroom submerged in an underwater world. Add seashells, fish, and coral to the cap.
  8. Classic Toadstool: Start with the iconic red-capped toadstool. Add white dots for a whimsical touch.

5 Drawing Tips for Mushroom Magic

Before you embark on this whimsical drawing journey. here are a few tips to make the process even more enjoyable:

1. Keep it Simple

Encourage your kids to start with basic shapes. I always start drawing the stalk/stem first (i.e., rectangular shape) then I move on to the cap (i.e., semi-circular shape). Once they’re comfortable with the basic shape of the mushroom, they can experiment with adding details and patterns.

2. Play with Colors

Mushrooms come in a vast array of colors. Let your kids unleash their creativity by using a variety of shades for the caps and stems.

3. Experiment with Patterns

From stripes to polka dots, mushrooms offer endless possibilities for creative patterns. Encourage your little artists to try different designs for a unique touch.

4. Add a Touch of Nature

Incorporate elements like flowers, leaves, or insects around the mushrooms to create charming natural scenes.

5. Embrace Imperfections

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to draw mushrooms. Embracing imperfections adds character and charm to your creations.

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26 Cute Mushroom Drawings

Appropriate for Children Ages 6 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Total Time: flexible


  1. Micron Pens for outlining your mushrooms, or you could also use Ultra Fine Point colored Sharpie markers/fine tip markers
  2. White Cardstockblank paper (8 1/2 X 11), sketchbook or journal
  3. Pencil for drawing
  4. Markers/pencil crayons etc. for coloring (optional)
  5. Eraser (optional)
colored and uncolored mushroom drawing

These mushrooms were so cute, my daughters and I decided to give them each a unique name to go with their obvious personalities 😉


  1. Funghi Fred: Always the life of the mushroom party, Fred has a perpetual smile and contagious positive vibes.
Funghi Fred

2. Bella Button: A dainty mushroom with a button-like cap, Bella is known for her elegant charm and sweet disposition.

3. Sporey Steve: Steve is a laid-back mushroom who loves to spread joy and laughter with his spore-filled adventures.

Sporey Steve

4. Giggles the Fungi: Giggles is the go-to mushroom for lifting spirits and causing contagious giggles.

Giggles the Fungi

5. Mellow Shroomellow: This easygoing mushroom is all about relaxation and good vibes, making him the perfect companion for a chill day.

Mellow Shroomellow

6. Daisy Doodlecap: Daisy is a free-spirited mushroom with a love for nature.

Daisy Doodlecap

7. Sir Toadstoolington: A sophisticated mushroom with a top hat and monocle, Sir Toadstoolington is the epitome of fungal refinement.

Sir Toadstoolington

8. Sprouty McSnugglestem: The fluffiest mushroom in the forest, Sprouty is known for his warm, fuzzy hugs that make everyone feel loved.

Sprouty McSnugglestem

9. Sporeella: With a cap that screams “hug me!” Sporeella brings joy and a touch of magic wherever she goes.


10. Fungi Flipflop: This acrobatic mushroom loves doing somersaults and flips, keeping everyone entertained with his impressive moves.

Funghi Flipflop

11. Whisker the Whimsical: A mischievous mushroom with whimsical swirls on his cap, Whisker is always up for playful pranks and laughter.

Whisker the Whimsical

12. Pippin Polkacap: Pippin is a mischievous little mushroom that loves to play tricks and spread joy.

Pippin Polkadot

13. Snuggle Sporebear: A cuddly mushroom with a cap that looks like a strawberry. Snuggle Sporebear is the perfect bedtime companion.

Snuggle Sporebear

14. Chuckle Champignon: The undisputed champion of mushroom humor, Chuckle Champignon always has the wittiest jokes and puns up his sleeve.

Chuckle Champignon

15. Twinkle Toadstool: With a cap that sparkles like the night sky, Twinkle Toadstool brings a touch of magic and wonder to the forest.

Twinkle Toadstool

16. Prim the Popsicle Mushroom: This mushroom looks like a delicious popsicle and it’s just as sweet and delightful as it looks.

Prim the Popsicle Mushroom

17. Sunny Side Spore: This cheerful mushroom brings warmth and positivity to everyone!

Sunny Side Spore

18. Fuzzy Wuzzlewig: Wuzzlewig is the softest mushroom in the bunch, and his hugs are legendary.

Fuzzy Wuzzlewig

19. Harmony Hyphae: Harmony Hyphae promotes peace and tranquility, creating a Zen atmosphere wherever it grows.

Harmony Hyphae

20. Jolly Jellycap: Resembling a gelatinous dessert, Jolly Jellycap bounces around the forest, spreading joy with every squishy step.

Jolly Jellycap

21. Flora Fungiheart: This love-themed mushroom is dedicated to spreading love and positivity.

Flora Fungiheart:

22. Sassy Sporelette: With a cap that looks like a sassy hat, Sporelette is the most fashionable mushroom in the forest, always ready for a photoshoot.

Sassy Sporelette

23. WhimsyWisps: Floating gently in the air, these mushrooms leave a trail of sparkles wherever they go.


24. Snuggle Spore: These cute mushrooms have fluffy edges, perfect for snuggling up during chilly forest nights.

Snuggle Spore

25. Zippy Zappercaps: These energetic mushrooms are always on the move, zipping around, spreading excitement wherever they go.

Zippy Zappercaps

26. Winky Wonderspore: Winky Wonderspore adds a touch of mystery and mischief to the mushroom crew.

Winky Wonderspore

And there you have it, fellow doodler – our journey into the enchanting world of 26 cute mushroom drawings! I hope you had as much fun as I did exploring the whimsical possibilities that these fungi offer.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to draw mushrooms – it’s all about letting your imagination take the lead. I hope you discovered new patterns, experimented with vibrant colors, and, most importantly, had a good time sketching these cute fungi.

If you’ve drawn these mushrooms with your kids or students, please let me know! I’d love to add your creations to our gallery, so upload your photos or send them directly to me at: [email protected] Thank you! 

You can also tag us if you post your masterpieces on Instagram or Facebook.

Cute mushroom drawing

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Final Thoughts

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