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How to draw bubble tea

Simple Doodles – Step by Step Drawing

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Simple Doodles

These simple doodles are just what you’ve been looking for!  

I personally can’t get enough of doodling, so I’m back with yet another doodle blog post…yay! This time I’ve included how to create over 50 simple doodles, step by step.

Below, I’ve included images showing you how to draw beautiful bugs, whimsical doodles, Harry Potter themed doodles, wooden signs, books, paper airplanes and cranes, tea/coffee/boba doodles, kawaii faces, fireworks, cute monsters, and light bulbs. 

Following the simple steps outlined below will help you and your kids relax, improve your drawing skills, and beautify your journals in no time. Hopefully, after reading this post you’ll be even more confident in your doodling abilities.

Boba Tea Doodle

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What are The Benefits of Doodling?

Doodling is a great way to let your creativity flow and it can also be therapeutic. Doodling isn’t a sign of a loss of concentration, in fact, it’s the opposite!

Research has shown that doodling has a crazy amount of benefits! Not only will it help your brain because it improves your memory, improves concentration and visualization, but it is also great for your mental health.

Doodling  helps with processing your emotions, it can make you more productive and is a calming stress reliever. I have numerous blog posts that go into further detail about the benefits of doodling on the mental health of kids and adults.

Check them out:

  1. Doodle Art – Easy Doodling (Mindfulness Activities for Kids)
  2. Easy Doodles – Cute and Easy Doodles to Draw (500+ Doodles)
  3. Incredibly Cute Doodles – Animal Doodles Part 1 

What Materials Do I Need for Doodling?

Doodling is also a great activity for kids because it can motivate them to explore their creative side through a super fun experience. As well, doodling can help spark their imagination and doesn’t require many tools. In most instances, a pencil and a piece of paper will suffice. 

Bullet Journal

This awesome journal is available with dotted pages, blank pages, ruled or squared pages. It’s also available in hardcover in a variety of beautiful colors.

Posca Fine Sparkling Pens

These Posca Fine Sparkling Pens are perfect for giving your doodles a bit of flare. They instantly brighten your journals!

White Gelly Roll Pens

 We love these White Gelly Roll Pens because of their brightness! These are great for adding tiny highlights and details to your easy doodles.

Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens

These Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens have great color density, smooth flowing ink and comes in vibrant colors.

Micron pens

This pack of Micron Pens includes several sizes, which make them perfect for coloring larger sections or adding tiny details to your doodles.

Prismacolor Pencil crayons

This Prismacolor Pencil Crayon pack has beautiful smooth colors, perfect for blending.

Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Markers

We love the wide array of colors that comes in this Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Markers pack.

Washi Tape

The uses for washi tape are endless! We like to use them around our doodle frames or to personalize our journals.


We love these stencils! They are great for adding details like ribbons, banners etc. They’re also perfect if you’re short on time!

Check out this blog post to learn about our top 5 doodling tips!

50+ Simple Doodles

There are over 50+ doodles to draw below, so I’ve divided the doodle tutorials into 11 different sections: beautiful bugs, whimsical doodles, Harry Potter themed doodles, wooden signs, books, paper airplanes and cranes, tea/coffee/boba doodles, kawaii faces, fireworks, cute monsters, and light bulbs. 

These doodles are perfect to draw when you’re bored, when you’re working in your art or bullet journals, or when you need a few mindful minutes. I hope you enjoy them!

Beautiful Bugs

How to Doodle Butterflies, Dragonflies and other Bugs

Doodle Butterfly 1

Photo Credit: arthouse.blog

Butterfly Doodle 2

Photo Credit: @nicoles.journal

butterfly doodle #3

Photo Credit: Myinnercreative.com

How to Draw a Butterfly header

Photo Credit: @bujutrella

butterfly doodle #3

Photo Credit: @dutch_dots

butterfly doodle #5

Photo Credit: @planningmindfully

Butterfly Doodle #6

Photo Credit: @handmadelettering

Click HERE to learn how to draw this simple butterfly below.

How to Draw a Simple Butterfly Step by Step (1)
Step by Step Dragonfly

Photo Credit: @arlita_study 

Doodle Bug step by step

Photo Credit: @simplelifeofalady

How to Draw Bugs step by step

Photo Credit: fabercastell.com

How to draw a ladybug step by step

Photo Credit: @arlita_study

For even more adorable animal doodles, check out our 15 page step by step printable drawing guide below:

Whimsical Doodles

How to Doodle Unicorns

How to Doodle a Unicorn #1

Photo Credit: @arlita_study 

Unicorn Doodle #2

Photo Credit: @laisirenalustra

Space Doodles

Space Cat Doodle

Photo Credit: @nicolegrace

How to Doodle Planets

Photo Credit: @belin

How to Doodle Space Aliens

Photo Credit: @umran

How to Doodle Crystals

How to doodle crystals 1

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles

How to doodle crystals 2

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles

Harry Potter Doodles

Harry Potter Doodle #1

Photo Credit: @lana

Harry Potter #2

Photo Credit: @nicolegrace  

Harry Potter Doodle #3

Photo Credit: @blackandwhitebullet

Harry Potter Doodle #4

Photo Credit: @nicolejosephine

Harry Potter Doodle #5

Photo Credit: tombowusa.com

Cute Monster Doodles

Doodle monster #1

Photo Credit: @dominquedeobondt

Doodle monsters #2

Photo Credit: @dcube.crafts

Doodle Monster #3

Photo Credit: Jaqueline Perry

Kawaii Face Doodles

Cute Kawaii Faces

Photo Credit: mungfali.com

Kawaii Face Doodle #3

Photo Credit: mungfali.com

Kawaii Doodle

Photo Credit: mungfali.com

Love Kawaii? Take a look at our kawaii printable coloring books with affirmations 🙂

Tea, Coffee and Boba Doodles

Bubble Tea #3

Photo Credit: @viaelle

Bubble Tea #2

Photo Credit: @splendidscribbles

Bubble Tea #3

Photo Credit: @arlita.study

Coffee and tea Doodle

Photo Credit: step by step drawings

Book Doodles

book doodle #1

Photo Credit: @sue

How to Doodle Books #2

Photo Credit: @junefolio

Dove, Crane and Plane Doodles

paper airplane doodle

Photo Credit: Sidereallife.com

Doves and Plane Doodle 2

Photo Credit: Ingvill

Crane doodle #3

Photo Credit: @bulletwithe

Wooden Sign Doodles

Wooden sign doodle

Photo Credit: @nicolegracestudios

Firework Doodles

How to doodle fireworks

Photo Credit: @amandarachlee

Lightbulb Doodles

Lightbulb doodle

Photo Credit: @lafondari

Final Thoughts

We hope you love drawing these cute doodles! If you’re interested in more doodle art or drawing tutorials, check out these other blog posts:

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If you’re looking for more activities designed to encourage mindfulness and spark creativity, check out my printable resources below or visit my shop!

If you try these doodles with your kids or students, please let me know! I’d love to add your creations to our gallery, so upload your photos or send them directly to me at: [email protected] Thank you!

Don’t forget to download our free 15 page Mindfulness coloring book to help add a few mindful moments to your child’s day. Just click here or the image below!


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