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Kindness Crafts – Kindness Art Activities

Kindness Crafts

Art + Kindness = 💜

Kindness is one of the most powerful traits that we can help our children to cultivate and these kindness crafts will make it super easy for you. Kindness can look like giving someone a compliment, sharing a smile, doing a kind gesture, or even showing love to ourselves when we’re down.

When our children are able to show empathy, when they understand what it means to be kind, and when they encourage others to be kind also, they can make a huge impact in our world. 

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Having discussions about kindness with your kids is fantastic, but you can also use art as a way to demonstrate its importance and its potential impact.

Here are 10 kindness activities that can be used to help you plant a few kindness seeds. My students loved creating them and spreading good vibes along the way. 

1. Scribble Art for Kids

Scribble art for Kids - Kindness Craft

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The words, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” is a quote that many of us are familiar with, and is something I’ve hopefully instilled in my own children.

The first kindness art activity I wanted to share with you is one from my blog. This scribble art activity not only helps improve fine motor skills, but it’s a great way to discuss kindness. This  scribble art blog post also discusses 3 scientifically proven benefits of being kind.

You can read more about it here and follow along with our video tutorial to complete the art activity.

2. A Kindness Art Journal

Child drawing in kindness art journal

This is a great way to help promote feelings of kindness or highlight how you can be kind to yourself, which is just as important. A kindness  art journal is a great way to encourage children to be more in tune with their feelings.

The beauty of an art journal is that anything goes! They can draw little doodles, highlights from their day, random acts of kindness etc. It can be filled with affirmations or quotes, detailed sketches or just thoughts.

This blog post shares a book on how you can create your own kindness journal. You can read all about it here

3. An Origami Card

origami card

Kindness is not only about the actions but it’s also about a feeling. Sometimes you need to be kind to yourself and it is important for you to share this with your children.

Being kind to yourself can often mean taking a step back to relax and calm your mind and origami is a great exercise to try with. This easy origami card blog post will help your children create some lovely masterpieces.

In the spirit of being kind, they could write out a lovely message and give it to someone who needs a smile or cheering up. Read about it here

4. Kindness Coloring Pages

Kindness Coloring Pages

One of the beautiful things about kindness is that it has a way of spreading and finding a way into our hearts. Our Kindness Begins With Me coloring book series is the perfect tool to reinforce the power and beauty of kindness, while providing a creative outlet for kids. Use these coloring pages to promote kindness in your home and in the classroom.

This 3 volume collection features 48 kid-friendly kindness quotes that will inspire your children/students to be more empathetic and compassionate. These motivational quotes, written on patterned backgrounds, are the perfect tool to help kids pause, slow down and reflect.

Our coloring pages can also provide kids with a screen time break and can be used as a mindfulness activity.

5. DIY Memory Jars

DIY Mason Jars

A memory jar is a great way for us all to note down moments of kindness.  Whether it’s those moments of kindness we have expressed ourselves or acts of kindness that we have received.

Creating a jar where you can keep those memories alive is a great way to remind yourself when you don’t feel so great. You can randomly pick a memory out and remind yourself of that moment. Your kids can decorate or paint these jars to add their own personal touch. Stickers work great too!

This DIY project keeps on giving and you can read how to make yours here

6. Flower Kindness Craft

Kindness Flower Craft

If you want to encourage kindness amongst your children, then this flower kindness craft is the one to try. You use the center to write down the person’s name, and the petals to write all of the things you love about them. You can do this in the family as well as get your children to do it with their friends.

Once the flowers are complete, it is then given to the person whose name was written in the middle. This is a beautiful activity that emphasizes the beauty of paying it forward. Read how to make yours here. 

7. Kindness Rainbows

Kindness Rainbows

You can’t go wrong with something colorful when it comes to an art project and this kindness rainbow is the perfect art activity to enjoy when it comes to promoting kindness within; whether that is with the family or just encouraging your children to be kind. 

The fun part is that you can draw around your hands to make the particular colorful sections of the rainbow. Not only lovely to make but the perfect keepsake in the future. You can check out how to make yours  here

8. Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks

Rock painting is something that has grown in popularity and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can turn this simple art activity into something that can be used to spread the message of kindness.

Paint your rocks, add kind words, and leave them in places for people to find. You could also create your own and decorate the garden, so you have a constant reminder of the message to be kind. Find out how to make your kindness rocks here.

9. Kindness Placemats for Seniors

Kindness Placemats for Seniors

The golden generation truly knows the meaning of kindness. From a generation that had to come together through wars and focus on community, it is nice to give back and spread the kindness many of them have shown all their lives.

These kindness placemats are perfect to give to any senior members within your own family or they can even be donated to your local seniors home. They are bound to put a smile on someone’s face and they are a wonderful activity that your kids will enjoy making. Find out how to make yours here

10. Zentangle Hearts

Zentangle Hearts

These Zentangle hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day 🙂 You can use this activity to share the love all year round. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Kindness week etc. there is always an occasion to give these beautiful hearts to someone that you care about.

This blog post shows you how to create this heart craft step by step. You can draw your own hearts or download the heart templates used in the tutorial. Either way, whoever you share these Zentangle hearts with is sure to love them. Click here to follow along with the tutorial.

Overlapping heart template

Children may find the idea of making the world a better place overwhelming, but by cultivating an attitude of kindness in our homes, classrooms, and daily lives, we can raise a generation that is capable of making the world a better place. 

I hope that these kindness crafts provide you and your kids with an opportunity to spread kindness. Remember, kindness starts with you and me!

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Looking for even more ways to spread kindness? You might be interested in our Kindness Begins with Me digital coloring book series. Click HERE or on the image below to learn more.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more activities designed to encourage mindfulness and spark creativity, check out my printable resources below or visit my shop!

Don’t forget to download our free 15 page Mindfulness coloring book to help add a few mindful moments to your child’s day. Just click here or the image below!


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