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Zentangle Art Therapy

Zentangle Art Therapy

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Zentangle Art Therapy is an exciting new way to use doodling for relaxation and self-soothing. The art form is quickly becoming a worldwide sensation and has many benefits. This meditative and therapeutic art style helps individuals cope with stress, improve well-being, and relax their minds and bodies. What’s more, it’s effortless to learn.

Zentangle is a Form of Doodling

Doodling is a timeless form of art therapy that has been used for years to help people cope with life’s challenges. The idea of creating art with no set rules of ‘perfection’ is based on the belief that the creative process is a form of therapy and can benefit those suffering from depression and anxiety. The art technique is also portable because you only need a small ’tile’ and something to draw with.

The traditional form of Zentangle is done with three-inch square tiles and specially-designed paper, but you can use any paper. You should choose paper that is heavy enough to hold the design, as well as a pen with a fine tip. A good tip for children who want to learn how to doodle is to use a bigger pen to help develop their fine motor skills. 

It Is a Form of Self-Soothing

Zentangle Art Therapy is an art form that helps individuals achieve a state of flow and relaxation. Developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, this form of art therapy is said to improve personal well-being and promote creative satisfaction.

Zentangle can also be helpful for individuals suffering from PTSD or other forms of anxiety. In addition to its calming effects, the meditative art process helps reduce stress and increase self-esteem—a healthier escape from modern life’s frenetic, stressful pace.

Zentangle Art Therapy involves filling drawings with simple shapes and patterns. It is a form of self-soothing and is easy to learn. These patterns are called “tangles” and can be combined into mosaic-like designs.

Art Therapy: Stress Relief & Productivity Benefits

Zentangle art therapy is a form that encourages unrestricted creativity of the mind. It can be used to treat stress, improve self-efficacy, and promote a sense of spirituality. This art therapy is suitable for a variety of people, including young children. For adults, it can help relieve psychological distress and improve work performance. It provides multiple channels for expressing emotions and can also act as a benchmark for peer learning.

A study on art therapy’s impacts on work productivity was conducted in Pingtung County, Taiwan. Forty healthcare workers from various healthcare settings participated in a four-hour Zentangle art workshop. The workshops were facilitated by certified Zentangle teachers. Participants were provided with a kit of materials, including black technical pens and white paper. An official product was also produced and distributed to participants.

It Is Easy to Learn

It is not difficult to learn Zentangle Art Therapy. The process is based on a simple ABCD formula. Beginners can learn the art form quickly by following a self-taught guide. Learners can practice on any paper they like, using a black pen and pencil to create their designs.

Zentangle is an art-based therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Because it requires only a few simple tools, even beginners can learn to practice it. This type of art therapy has become a popular choice for people with various physical and mental conditions. Learning how to create a Zentangle design is a fun, easy, and relaxing experience.


The art form of Zentangle is not only an excellent way to relax and relieve stress but is also a powerful form of self-help. Its name is derived from the Japanese word “Zen,” which means meditation, and the English word ‘tangle,’ which means “to draw.” This technique has an extensive philosophical foundation, and the method was first developed in 2004 by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. In the early stages of their exploration, Maria found that the technique brought about feelings of well-being, timelessness, and personal freedom. Rick Roberts thought that Maria had reached a meditative state.

The practice is easy to learn and can be practised by almost anyone. Even children can start a Zentangle drawing! While the tangles may look difficult as an end result, the process is not complicated and can be a fun way to induce calming emotions. It is especially beneficial for therapists working with patients who have suffered from trauma, as it reduces the anxiety that these patients experience.

Art Therapy: It’s for Everyone

If you’re interested in beginning your own personal form of art therapy, Lightly Sketched is the best place to start! We provide downloadable colouring sheets to help ease your thoughts, relax and meditate. 

Become fully engaged in mindful art therapy, and watch the troubles and stresses of everyday life melt away—you’ll leave your art therapy feeling restored and ready to tackle whatever challenges may come your way. Browse our selection of downloadable art therapy workbooks today, or get in touch with me, Andrea, to determine the best art form for you or your child.


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