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The Joy of Creating and Coloring a Mandala

Creating and coloring a mandala is a beautiful process that can soothe your mind and create a sense of balance and mental silence. A Mandala is a pattern or design derived from your entire presence. As you color, your brain waves slow as the repetitive elements act as a protective frame. This helps your brain move into alpha waves, which create a feeling of calm and balance.

Art Therapy and Personal Growth

Creating and coloring mandalas is an exciting activity. It allows people to explore different shapes, colors, and patterns. The process of coloring a mandala is highly engaging and therapeutic. Drawing a mandala can also be an exercise in mindfulness—it will be difficult to stop once you’ve started! Practicing mandala coloring can be a great way to relieve stress and unwind.

In art therapy, making mandalas is beneficial because it allows participants to consciously work through their thoughts, feelings and emotions without external demands or pressure to take immediate actions. These mandalas are symbolic and therapeutic, reflecting aspects of our own personalities. Drawing and coloring a mandala will enable you to explore your feelings and emotions as you develop your creative style. If you have a serious mental health issue, mandalas can help you cope and examine external stimuli from an alternative perspective.

If you’ve never made a mandala before, or if you’re not sure where to start, I’ve created some blank mandala tracers to help you with the creative process. You don’t have to trace plates or use fancy tools to get started with your mandala. Just print our mandala tracers, trace one, and start experiencing the magic! 

Creative Stress Relief

Mindfulness Activities For Kids

One way to provide yourself with the best stress relief is to create and color a Mandala. Mandalas are peaceful patterns that allow us to focus our attention on something pleasant. They offer symmetry, repetition, and a balance between structure and freedom. While drawing a Mandala may be intimidating, coloring one is a wonderful challenge. It requires greater concentration and time, but it can be a great way to de-stress and find peace.

Besides helping relieve stress, coloring a mandala image can help reduce your anxiety and heart rate. mandalas are intricate patterns that allow people to use their creative minds without judgment or restriction. You can choose the colors you like, and coloring them in mandala patterns can help reduce stress levels. Coloring mandalas can help reduce your anxiety and heart rate when you are stressed out. Like a warm blanket on a cold evening, you’ll find yourself wanting to return to that comfortable mental space again and again.

To learn about even more benefits of drawing a mandala on the mental health of children, take a look at this blog post here.

Spiritual Development

Coloring a mandala can be an excellent practice for spiritual development. These drawings can be done anywhere, using guidelines or freehand if you are more experienced. While coloring, keep your mind clear and focused on your intention. Then, use your intuition to make a few notes on the visual you’d like to achieve by coloring. You may notice a sense of peace or “intuitive messages” during the process. Spiritual development is a process that requires visualization and connecting with your highest potential self.

In order to understand how coloring a mandala can help with spiritual development, you need to first understand what a mandala is. A mandala is a sacred object that represents the eightfold path and is often associated with a higher power. Many believe they are embodied by a higher power, which they call God, Allah, the Lord, or the Source of All Life. The higher power is infinite, compassionate, unending, and manifests in unconditional love, regardless of your chosen religion.


Mandalas are geometric patterns. By coloring them, you can evoke the desired state of mind while relaxing your thoughts. This activity has been proven to reduce stress and improve health. This technique is similar to that of the ancient Chinese game of Go. People who meditate using mandala coloring products report that they find it meditative, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. Plus, it is fun and creatively engaging! So it is truly a win-win!

Mandalas are widely believed to be effective for treating psychological ailments and encouraging positive states of mind. Their circular design and central point are thought to reflect infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. While there is no one right way to color a mandala, the shapes and colors are symbolic for a variety of circumstances. However you choose to color your Mandala, it will be a meaningful expression of your feelings, values, principles and goals.

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A Colorful Process

Mindfulness Activities For Kids
The benefits of coloring mandalas are far more widespread than you might imagine. The therapeutic value of mandalas is well documented and has been attributed to the color therapy that it encourages. This activity allows you to explore the healing power of color therapy. In addition to creating an original masterpiece, mandala coloring books are a fantastic way to relax and express yourself. You may even enjoy the process of creating your own mandala.

Creating and coloring mandalas is a creative process that engages both sides of the brain. Often, you can set an intention for the coloring time. This may lead you to achieve a state of mind that evokes insight or guidance. For example, you may use blues or yellows or reds and purples. Using different colors in different sections will produce different results. 

The creative world is your canvas to engage your higher self and achieve the ideal vision in your mind, both in terms of the art you create and the self-reflection you’ll undergo. None of this leads to dramatic, instantaneous results, but rather a slow and steady positive pulse of energy that you can consistently rely on to bring you back to “that place.” Browse our wide selection of mindfulness art activities, crafts, and coloring pages today!


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