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Sensory Art

By providing a variety of sensory play activities your child will naturally learn how to explore, investigate and create. These are the beginning steps to raising creative thinkers.
-Innovation Kids Lab

Sensory play is essential for children of all ages because of its many benefits. Here at Lightly Sketched, we believe in the power of creativity. We offer a wide selection of sensory art for kids and digital coloring books, so you can quickly access creative tools to help your children thrive.

Here are 3 quick sensory art ideas that you can try with your children to get their creativity flowing.

1. Marble Shoe Box painting

1. Grab some marbles, a shoebox and paint.
2. Squirt some paint near the four corners of your shoebox.
3. Place a marble anywhere in your shoe box and tilt that thing back and forth and side to side to get your painting going. Add more marbles and repeat as desired.

2. Sand Art Pictures

1. Grab a bottle of washable school glue. This will be your writing and drawing medium.
2. Have your child draw a sand castle or any design on a piece of paper. Sprinkle sand over the completed product to add that unique rough element to their work. Shake off excess sand.
3. Let the sand art dry.

3. Painting on different textures

One of the great things about sensory art is that there is no wrong way to use materials or to approach activities.

Go on a hunt with your children or students to try to find some unconventional items to paint or to paint with. For example, try having your child paint coffee filters, bubble wrap, and paper, dried leaves and paper bags.

Unique textures that might make a sound when being painted will elevate this sensory art experience. Our sensory art form at Lightly Sketched is more focused on visual and tactile; however, there are many forms of sensory play. This can include utilizing the other senses such as touch, smell, taste, balance, and movement.

Sensory art is entertaining and educational, and your child will be able to discover new colors, patterns, and shapes when engaging with our coloring books. Not only will sensory art entertain kids with creative stimulation, but it will also help with their mental health and overall well-being. 

This form of play engages and develops important regions of their brain’s creative problem-solving. Your child will even build their socialization skills by formulating the words to communicate their sensory experiences. This type of play is critical in today’s world as technology and screens are easy to access, and we can provide you with a mindful alternative that promotes learning and relaxation.

Sensory art can also help a child better manage their emotions, and this kind of activity will reduce anxiety because it provides a calming and relaxing effect. This soothing, meditative state is perfect for whenever a child feels irritable or nervous—their brain will have developed additional creative problem solving and meditative experiences to rely on, helping prevent emotional trigger responses. 

Sensory art is particularly beneficial nowadays because it can help kids struggling with the negative psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many children have a hard time dealing with changes to their social or physical environment, and our art kits can help them remain positive. Our art allows children to “distract” their minds while still being wholly present and alert in the current moment.

At Lightly Sketched, we understand the importance of fun, and we are passionate about helping parents improve their child’s mental health. Our shop provides sensory art and coloring books that you can utilize to facilitate additional shared time together. It’s a great way to bond with your child! It will be a relaxing and positive experience for both parents and kids so that you can share more precious moments and a different form of creative learning with your child. Browse through our selection at any time for downloadable PDFs that you could use to start creatively engaging with your children today!


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