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Benefits of Coloring for Kids, Teens, and Adults

"Five minutes of coloring a day is enough to get the same effect on the brain as about an hour worth of conventional meditation.”
– Dr. Rodski, Colourtation Brain Science

Coloring is a fun activity most people associate with kids, but the reality is that coloring is great for teens and adults as well. This activity is known to provide kids, teens and adults with a number of benefits. Currently, the adult coloring book genre is exploding because of the many advantages that coloring can provide.Those who think coloring is a childhood pastime should reconsider this thought because pulling out your crayons, markers, and colored pencils can help with the following:

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common nowadays, and this is true in kids, teens and adults. Many factors can lead to stress, including school and work responsibilities, relationship issues etc. Whatever the cause might be, coloring can help by providing you with a calming outlet. The use of different colors and the focus you will exert while coloring will help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and your mind will reach a calm state as a result of the quietness that comes with this activity. If you ever find that your mind needs some rest after a long day at work or see that your child is anxious, try coloring!

Motor Skills and Vision

“Thanks to its basic, repetitive motions, coloring engages parts of the cerebral cortex while relaxing the amygdala, the brain’s fear center”
– Frontiers in Psychology

Coloring requires different parts of your brain to communicate, so it’s an effective way to improve your fine motor skills and your vision. Fine motor skills help us to write and manipulate small objects. The actions, motions, and precise grip involved in coloring can aid in the development of the muscles of the fingers, hands and wrist. Coloring can help you develop a creative thought process and will allow you to bring a vision to life, so it can do more than just help a person relax.


“By swapping your cellphone, tablet, or laptop for a coloring book before bed, you’ll avoid exposing yourself to the sleep-sabotaging blue light emitted by electronic devices” – JAMA Pediatrics

A good night’s rest is very important for everyone, regardless of age, and coloring will help you achieve a better night’s sleep. This activity will help you avoid using electronics at night, which will negatively affect your sleep quality as the exposure to emitted light will reduce your levels of melatonin, a sleep hormone. On the other hand, coloring will not disturb your level of melatonin, so it’s a relaxing and electronic-free ritual you can engage in before bedtime.

Ability to Focus

Coloring requires focus but in a fun way; it causes your frontal lobe to open up, which is what controls organizing and problem-solving, while allowing you to place everything else aside so that you can live in the moment and focus. This is a great skill for kids, teens and adults, and coloring will help improve one’s focus.

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