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Christmas Paper Globes


What better way to ring in the holiday season than with these lovely Christmas Paper globes! 

You are going to love the simple, yet elegant design of our Christmas paper globes. Even though they seem complicated to create, the process of making them is actually really easy.

These amazing paper globes make a memorable gift or they can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. 

These beautiful paper globes are created using only 3 strips of paper. That’s it! When these strips of paper are intertwined in a certain way, you can magically create these elegant shapes.

In this Christmas paper globe pack, I will show you how to create these paper globes in just a few steps. 

For your convenience, I’ve also included a video tutorial of how to complete this activity. In the video, my daughter brings my written instructions to life and really simplifies the process for you.

Here’s some information about this Zentangle Paper Globe Pack:

Digital product

High quality PDF download

Includes 1 blank paper globe template

Includes 5 completed Christmas paper globe templates (1 colored for you)

Detailed instructions with step by step images

Video tutorial teaching you how to assemble your paper globe

Tips and suggestions page

Print at home 

Size 8 ½ X11

Time Required: Approx. 2 (50 min.) classes

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