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Reverse Coloring Pages | St. Patrick’s Day

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What is Reverse Coloring?

Reverse coloring is a cool new idea in creativity and mindfulness: so simple, and so profoundly satisfying! Reverse coloring literally flips traditional ideas about coloring on its head. 

Reverse coloring is a creative technique where instead of coloring inside the lines of a pre-drawn image, you start with random watercolor blotches or images and you outline them, draw in figures, doodle, shade, or cover an area with dots. 

We have several reverse coloring books in our shop and each one is specifically designed to provide a relaxing and meditative activity for both children and adults. Reverse coloring is perfect for sparking your creativity! As you doodle your way through each watercolor painting, you will find yourself feeling more centered and focused.

The image used in this tutorial is from our St. Patrick’s Day reverse coloring book. Each page in this coloring book is an invitation to slow down, let your mind drift, and be surprised by your own creativity. Since reverse coloring requires no “staying inside the lines,” it empowers your artistic self-confidence, while it calms the mind.

You can also just outline the shapes and add doodles. It is super easy to try with little setup and all you need is a marker or pen.

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What are Some Benefits of Reverse Coloring?

Adding doodles and Zentangle patterns  to your reverse coloring pages will provide you with a valuable creative outlet. Here are some benefits of incorporating doodles:

  1. Relaxation and Stress Relief: doodling can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. It provides a temporary escape from stress and anxiety, allowing you to focus on the present moment.
  2. Improves Focus and Concentration: Engaging in doodling exercises, such as reverse coloring, can help improve focus and concentration. It requires attention to detail and can enhance cognitive skills such as memory and problem-solving.
  3. Self-Expression: Doodling is a form of self-expression, allowing you to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas visually. It’s a personal and intimate way to communicate with yourself and others.
  4. Enhances Visual Literacy: Doodling can improve visual literacy skills, such as spatial awareness, composition, and design principles. It’s a fun and accessible way to explore the fundamentals of art and design.

Drawing doodles and Zentangle patterns on your reverse coloring pages can further enhance your creative experience, providing opportunities for relaxation, and self-expression for both adults and children.

Each of my reverse coloring books includes 3 pages of line designs to help you get started with this process. If you’d like to incorporate additional Zentangle patterns, be sure to check out our 3 part Zentangle video tutorials:

  1. Zentangle Patterns for Beginners (Part 1)
  2. Beginner Zentangle Patterns (Part 2)
  3. Easy Zentangle Patterns (Part 3)

These videos and blog posts include everything you’ll need to get started with the art of Zentangle and you’ll learn how to create many beautiful patterns, which you can then incorporate into your reverse coloring practice.

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Reverse Coloring - Step by Step

Appropriate for Children Ages 6 and up

Difficulty: Easy


  1. Micron Pens – Micron pens are my favorite pens for reverse coloring and drawing Zentangle patterns because of their fine, consistent lines and archival quality ink. They’re perfect for outlining images in reverse coloring, as their precision allows for intricate details without smudging or bleeding.
  2. White Cardstock
  3. Colored Printer
  4. Reverse coloring pages

Reverse coloring is a creative, meditative experience, and all you need to get started are these coloring pages and a color printer.


Step 1 – Gather your supplies

All you need for this activity is a black pen or marker as well as a reverse-coloring page. I recommend printing your full-color reverse coloring pages on cardstock.

Step 2 – Choose your image

Select a reverse coloring page that inspires you. Scroll through the different images and see if there is one that stands out. Sometimes you might be able to visualize different patterns that can be added before you actually start drawing. 

In this tutorial, I’ll be adding lines to these beautiful green water color blotches.

Step 3 - Outline With Pen

Use a pen with a fine tip to outline the main features or contours of the reversed image. You can decide which areas you’d like to outline and which areas you’d like to leave in simple watercolor.

You can choose a black pen for a classic look or experiment with different colors for a unique effect.

Outline a few shapes

Step 4 – Experiment with patterns

Get creative with patterns and textures! Try using different drawing techniques such as stippling, cross-hatching to add depth and interest to the images and blotches. Stick with lines, or add dots, circles, swirls, and other simple elements.

There are many ways you can fill in these pictures. Trace the color blocks, create repeating patterns, black out parts you don’t like, or write some of your favorite quotes. There is no right or wrong when using your imagination. 

add patterns
add patterns
add patterns
add patterns

Step 5 – Enhance Details

Optionally, you can add more details or shading to the outlined areas to enhance the overall appearance of the reversed image.

enhance details
enhance details
enhance details
enhance details
enhance details

Step 6 - Display and share!

You can display it in a frame, use it for crafting projects, or share it with others to showcase your creative work.

Reverse coloring pages green

So, whether you’re a budding artist or simply looking for a fun and engaging way to express yourself, our reverse coloring pages are the perfect gateway into a world of peace and tranquility for kids and adults. Reverse coloring is a fun and rewarding activity that’s sure to ignite your imagination and unlock your creativity.

If you’ve tried one of our reverse coloring pages with your kids or students, please let me know! I’d love to add your creations to our gallery, so upload your photos or send them directly to me at: [email protected] Thank you! 

You can also tag us if you post your masterpieces on Instagram or Facebook.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more activities designed to encourage mindfulness and spark creativity, check out my printable resources below or visit my shop!

Don’t forget to download our free 15 page Mindfulness coloring book to help add a few mindful moments to your child’s day. Just click here or the image below!


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